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How To Login As Root Ubuntu

Posted by Bouton Adalie on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 09:13:35

To run a GUI application with root priviledges press ALT + F2 and enter gksu or gksudo followed by the name of your program (unless you are using the KDE desktop in which case the command is kdesu. For example gksu nautilus runs the file manager with root privileges. As you can see it is almost never necessary to enable the root login.

How to Enable root login in Ubuntu 18.04 (login as root) Ubuntu does not enable the root account during installation and you will not be asked to create a root password. Instead, you will create a normal user account with sudo privileges. This user can run sudo command to perform administrative tasks.

Root user on Ubuntu in general is locked so no user can login as root thus su is not likely to work. For sudo -s to work you will have to be part of the admin group on an Ubuntu machine, which apparently you are not.

Method 2 Unlocking the Root Account (Ubuntu) 1. Unlock the root account (Ubuntu). Ubuntu (and several other distributions) 2. Open the terminal. If you're in the desktop environment, you can press Ctrl + Alt + T 3. Type sudo passwd root and press ↵ Enter. When prompted for a password, enter

Go to the login screen, choose "Other". Your user name is root. use the password you just added. If your login screen does not have "Other" as a login choice, then continue to the next steps.

Also, deactivate root login for ssh (this way it's simply impossible to login via ssh as root) and maybe restrict ssh to certificate logins, which is much more secure than password-based logins. In most cases, SSH should be the only service accessible from the outside which potentially allows root login, so this door would be locked.