Yi Camera Account Login Format

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Yi Camera Account Login Format

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Turning on the camera's power Install the camera close to a router and make sure that you have access to WiFi, then connect a cable to Micro-USB port on back of the camera to a power outlet as shown on the picture. Page 5 Use the YI Home app, to watch what happens live on your phone. You can also record and save video or images.

To pair your camera, follow the steps below: Open YI Home App and log in to your account. To add your camera, select the '+' icon. Turn your camera on. Connect the camera with the power cable and adapter, then plug the adapter in to an outlet.

installation of yi home app, create login account and set up of yi home cctv camera july 25 2016.

Download the latest apps to use with your YI Action Camera or your YI Home Camera. Preview, store, and share instantly.

Set up your YI Home Camera in no time with this simple how-to tutorial. Get from 720P/20FPS,700Kbps; 360P/20FPS,200Kbps 111° wide